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S (1994, p. 133) observation of innovation projects in the financial services sector: Innovation provides a critical juncture for the negotiation and reconstruction of the sector, whereby preconceptions and alliances may be challenged, and new avenues of knowledge deployment and occupational mobility opened up. In this reconstruction each argument is presented as a ‘‘strategic rationale’’, comprising assumptions about outcomes, benefits, and drawbacks, and is the basis for economic and technical justification.

Each are defined below: Use value: specific qualities of the product perceived by customers in relation to their needs. Here subjective judgements are made pertaining to the individual that, in turn, translates into what the customer is prepared to pay. Exchange value: refers specifically to price: Ruth Murphy and Margaret Bruce Strategy, accountability, e-commerce and the consumer Managerial Auditing Journal 18/3 [2003] 193-201 The monetary amount realised at a single point in time when the exchange of the good takes place (Bowman and Ambrosini, 2000).

Telco staff seize them eagerly as opportunities to demonstrate substantive outcomes, wherein trial and error with its attendant risk of failure are taken for granted. The bank through its ordered way of life tries to anticipate anomalies, and to accommodate or absorb those anomalies within its existing order. Anticipating external anomalies remain feasible through the professional banking social network, co-operative relationships with some competitors, social relations with financial regulators, and a formal role on the boards of many customers.

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Accountability and the Internet: Managerial Auditing Journal (Volume 18 Number 3 2003) by David Crowther

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