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By Gustaf John Ramstedt, Juha Janhunen

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The topic in the task we presented to our subjects was somewhat 'controlled' (and as such contrived) by the six emotion constellations; while the audience (in spite of being in actuality the interviewer) was somewhat 'varied' along the dimension of sharing different presuppositions and interests: the Personal Narrative as sharing an interest in the narrator him-/herself [where the experience stands for some form of thematic coherence/identity], the Possibility Question Elaboration as an interest in the narrator's more detached explanatory capacities, and the third-person protagonist story elaboration as a shared interest in others' lives as well as in the narrator's imaginative problem solutions.

Moerk, Ernst L. 1980. "Relationships between Input Frequencies and Children's Language Acquisition: A reanalysis of Brown's data". 105-118. 1989. "The LAD Was a Lady and the Tasks Were Ill-defined". 21-57. Moffett, James & Kenneth R. McElheny 1966. Points of View: An anthology of short stories. New York: New American Library. Perner, Josef. 1991. Understanding the Representational Mind. : MIT Press. Pinker, Steven 1984. Language Learnability and Language Development. : Harvard Univ. Press. 1988.

When you are angry fear usually goes by the way-side. One of these feelings will be dominant over the other one ... it consumes the other. In sum, it appears from this first analysis of the responses to the Possibility Question, as if children in their ability of dealing with story conflicts of the kind under investigation have more difficulties with the different valence emotions HAPPY/AFRAID and HAPPY/ANGRY, while (somewhat surprisingly) HAPPY/SAD does not seem to present such a problem. Counter to our intuitions, the emotion constellation AFRAID/ANGRY, which did not seem to present a problem in terms of its acceptability early on, becomes more and more of a problem in terms of being acceptable with increasing development.

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