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Err, 1 intr . 19 Z~* Owze 4, `caution', used 21 as an interjection, `careful' ! Interrog, pro . `who', plu . i `Any one' , `someone' . See Lesson XXIX on e9ddA . z Dat . ~z~J do good turn, help (c. ) % ;UZo9J Indian soldier 2 m. ) cc= fear (1 intr . c. ) Feminine (1) Crude form-eoJdJh girl SINGULAR Nom. Acc. Inst. Dat. Gen. Loc . Voc. ~JZ~J~lo3JJ a girl ~JL~Jf`~03J~'Jd a girl ~Jt~Jrla9JOr~ by or from a girl eJz~nA to a girl eJZAJflo3J of a girl ~J~Jtlo3Je~ in a girl uJdjilo3J~, a6AJne O girl Nom.

Aa~Jra 2Jdz;e-~J. z~s~tl 2 e5~~~ "' e~7J . 12. j~zM or~);:~)rJ 2JdJr~3. 13 . erv~~z~~o~JNJ zJ~~. Translate into Kanarese : l . That boy will salute the teacher. 2. The day after tomorrow we shall see the moon. 3 . Rama and Krishna will teach the boy. 4. Let people speak, O daughter . 5. The thieves push the lame man and the blind man. 6. The disciple of the good man will teach the Holeyas. 7 . O Brahmans, you will salute the king. 8. The shepherds will see the sun and the moon. 9. The boys push the merchant ; he will put them to flight .

Instr . Dat, Gen . oiJ~risiJ THE SECOND DECLENSION Masculine - TWOd (1) - oiJe~ -- riwe7 - ride - 03JeM - o3JeM - rie3eM 3'Jb sheep, ~e wealth or riches, ;:J7~ house, 4, Neuter nouns in tea, Nom . VJOOi>) vJOridJ II SING, eOjJJ PLU. I II SING . PLU. II ber~~J - Instr . - OWod - rii7oL3 - 09JoLi -1j°2od Dat . - rio - risf -o~a Gen . )) - a - 80 A - 0100 - TWO -oiJC - e-~o -~ - o3ae M -- TWeM - 0&)tM - riot M - o3Je M odJf) - fri I SING. hand PLU. od -r3 ad') - --- &C -aiJ9 - riot - -o3~eM -ride9 -rit~e M (b) Feminine nouns in 'a, it, a : a~JdJn girl, Ae woman, 4,24 daughter-in-law SING .

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